Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Getting High The LEGAL Way

   Well....Have you ever heard of someone getting high approved by a physician when they weren't planning on it?  That was me when I was sixteen years old.  After taking Phenobarbitol for eight years, and it being a barbituate, I guess my body felt free.  I was floating.
   Tegretol was the medicine that replaced the Phenobarbitol.  Juvenile Epilepsy was still the diagnosis.  The only test done was an EEG at the doctor's office.  Later I found out that my neurologist helped make MRI popular early using it for research.  Thinking back now, I don't know why he never ordered one for me.
   High School was fun since I was outgoing.  I saw my neurologist yearly.  One day when I called to get my prescription refilled, at nineteen. Then I found out that he released me to my family physician.  SURPRISE!!  So all I do now is get my prescription from someone who doesn't specialize in neurology?  I did that for awhile, until I HAD to SEE a NEUROLOGIST.