Sunday, June 23, 2013

Working after eight weeks - CALL ALREADY - The Worst Year!

     Being released to work, FINALLY.  I wasn't used to staying at home and not going anywhere, even if it was just to work.  After all, I didn't drive.  But now in a few more weeks, if I didn't have any breakthrough seizures, I could drive.  I might have to wait longer than that because we needed another CAR.
     Before I went out for surgery, the hospital had to hire a new person in the department.  She didn't have much experience.  Unfortunately my coworker would have to help train her without me.  Training someone straight from ultrasound school takes time.  Radiologists can be picky.  People with no experience usually have to get the other coworker to scan behind them to make sure they didn't forget anything.  Because of this she was taking all of the overnight CALL.
     When I came back to work, the first question was "what night do you want to take call?"  Excuse me? None right now.  The first thing my coworker did was take a smoke break.  After that she must have gone to the supervisor.  When she returned to the department from her smoke break, I was called to his office.  The first question was "When can you take call?"  I had to remind him about epilepsy and needing sleep.  If I took call, it could not be overnight.  A few weeks went by, the word CALL was said at least once a day.  I finally went to the supervisor and told him that I wanted to be transferred to another department.  I didn't care where.  This floored him.  He said let him see what he could do.
     Later that day, all three of us were in his office.  They said change my schedule 11:00-8:00.  Six to eight was the busiest E.R. time frame for us.  I said o.k.  Inside I thought only for awhile.  I will be looking for another job.
     I don't want to leave this out but, the year after my surgery was HELL!!!!  The only part of the year I remember is work.  I don't remember Christmas, my daughter's birthday, etc...

Monday, June 3, 2013


     Well, I lost the count of how many medications I had tried.  I finally decided SURGERY!!!  Yes, Surgery. Ten to thirteen seizures a month was enough!  Off to Chapel Hill, NC for a second opinion and surgery.  Chapel Hill here we come!
     Back and forth keeping the road hot to Chapel Hill and back home.  One study after another.  Having a video EEG.  Taken off of my medication to view my seizures. I had seven in one day!  They thought it might take a week.  My surgery finally Was SEPTEMBER 11,1997.
     Thank the Lord for my wonderful family.  My in-laws kept my daughter during my recovery.  She would still go to the daycare, they would pick her up then let me see her for a while.  My parents would take care of me while my husband worked.  It was odd during this time that my mom had surgery on her neck and was out of work the same time that I was.  We spent time together while we were out on leave from work.
     We went back to Chapel Hill and I was told to work off of my medication by six weeks.  If I did not have any problems by eight weeks, I had clearance to DRIVE!!!  I had to follow up with my regular neurologist from now on because they released me.  DRIVE!!!