Monday, August 26, 2013

echo...echo...echo...School Returns

     Now it is time to open another door.  A job that is closer to home, no call, and getting paid while learning a new ultrasound modality.  After performing general and OB/GYN ultrasound for 6 years and having to learn something new, I was excited and hesitant.  You scan with your left hand because the patient is facing towards you.  I'm right handed.  The manager hired another person that had to be trained.  I wasn't alone. Thank you Lord.  That made me feel less hesitant because there was someone there without any ultrasound background.
     After I worked my notice, HALLELUJAH, this was the last night driving 45 minutes home.  Unfortunately I wasn't going to miss anyone.  Was that because of the change in my personality due to the surgery?  After all I was there for five years. They probably felt the same after the way I had changed.
     Wow, it only took me 25 minutes to get to work!  Now it's time to go in and try to remember new names.  That was also a problem after my surgery.  The echo lab didn't have much space to work in.  To save time and be able to get all the patients scanned that had a requisition.  We had to do portables.  That is where we pushed the heavy ultrasound machines to the patient's room for the study.
     The hospital where I went to work was affiliated with other outpatient offices.  The staff would go to two of those outpatient offices.  After a couple of weeks, I got to scan with another technologist at one site.  He taught me a lot.  There wasn't anyone to stand in front of the screen except me.  I would scan after him to see if I could get the same images.  He would also quiz me.  Pretty soon he would be getting paid to sit back and relax while I was scanning.  That was fine with me.  I enjoyed doing echocardiograms.  I'm not sure why, but my bad side from after the surgery was finally starting to change.