Wednesday, October 23, 2013


   After moving from Greensboro to my grandfather's house, he let us live there so we could save for our own house.  We had been paying rent for two years.  It was like throwing money out the window.  His trailer, yes I said trailer, was below my parents house.  My mom would see Kristina everyday.  Then we moved into our new house that was thirty minutes away.  She was not happy.  Kristina was two years old.
   Now since the auras came back and my mother-in-law was getting to see Kristina more, my mom kept saying you should have not moved.  You should not have moved, you should have not moved.......over and over.   My answer was "mom, my seizures haven't come back then.".  Then it was, "I know".  (Well why did you say that again?)  Becoming IMPATIENT!
   Starting to Have more "spells".  Working more weekends, but still no call overnight.  The outpatient office that was affiliated with the hospital needed a full time ultrasound technician.  No weekend work or weeknight work at all.  Not even any Holidays.  WOW!  The patient numbers were high.  It kept us busy.  I didn't like standing around.   
     What's happening?  Where are the patient's?  The supervisor comes through.  Why are you standing around?  Get busy!  Check the other departments.  I didn't know how to do x-rays.  My co-worker did. She had to help them.  I just did ultrasound.  So I had to stock laundry in the dressing rooms.  I had to put reports with the x-ray folder.  Becoming IMPATIENT!!!  
     The file room is where all of the patient's x-rays reports are.  Some places have them on disks as back up and aren't as old time as this place.  You have to sit and staple new reports to the old reports.  The two that worked in that area were so S..L..O..W..  They knew how to walk fast to their cars when it was time to leave though.  When I had to help them because I wasn't busy, they would disappear.  POOF!!  This wasn't what I was hired for!  Be glad I'm here to help you.  Becoming IMPATIENT!!!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


     I was able to hide my seizures while I worked.  They weren't that often.  Only having six or so a month. You know, where for a few seconds I shake my hand and hope nobody talks to me.  If I respond to you then I'll drool.  Trying to respond with excess saliva in my mouth is so embarrassing.  I can hide it from patients though.
     Another fender bender.  This was at a stop light.  It was red.  I had one of my "spells".  My foot slipped off of the break pedal and I hit the lady in front of me.  The good news is that we were stopped and I just tapped her bumper.  Bad news is ticket and higher insurance.  
     I took a break from driving.  No more freedom.  Since my husband was with the fire department, he could pick me up and take me to work the days he was off.  My mother-in-law helped with the days he couldn't. She didn't mind, getting to see her granddaughter more.  We had started going to church and now we would miss one to two Sundays a month.  Three sometimes depending on if my husband had a horrible night at the fire station.  
     I hated not driving.  I lost my freedom.  I prayed to God and said I would go to church more if I could drive.  Everyday, especially Saturday and Sunday morning, I would pray.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Work is Getting Wierd

     After training with the traveler.  Finally everyone new learned what we needed to know about echo.  We had to tell the travelers goodbye.  Since they left, I had the pleasure of going to the other outpatient office.  I had no idea of what was happening at the hospital.  I finally found out that the previous supervisor went out on leave.  Another person took over supervisor position while she was gone.  They gave her the office job where I was when she come back. (Oh MAN!!).  Back to the hospital to push the heavy machine on the carpet.
     When I came back to the hospital the air was thick.  The boss hired a nurse from upstairs that knew how to scan.  She didn't get along with anyone.  The daily schedule was made by her, and she did not like me.  I was portable, I had to push the machine to the patient's rooms to do the scan everyday.
     The nurse and boss were dating.  There was boss in another department that we worked with, the cath lab.  My boss was sneaky and told lies about her.  Everyone believed him and so she was told to leave or get fired.  He should have been fired then because come to find out he was using another person's name.  He was stealing from the hospital.  Police came and escorted him out.  WHAT?  The next week his girlfriend didn't show up for work.
     We needed a supervisor and a tech.  The hospital asked a lady that worked at another outpatient office to take over.  Before she could do that she had to train someone to do carotid ultrasounds.  ME,ME,ME!
I was taught another ultrasound specialty without going to school. LUCKY ME!  Since I worked at the other office,  I started filling in for the other general ultrasound tech when she was off.  Now I got to do all three specialties.  The only one I wasn't doing that I loved was OB scans.  Oh well, everything else was going my way now.  NO CALL again.  I was able to DRIVE again.  The only thing was my daughter finding new friends at her new daycare.  My husband was a full time fireman now.  HALLELUJAH!