Saturday, November 30, 2013

Slow Enough To Learn

     New procedures I had to learn.  If I didn't remember what the doctor wanted, I heard about it.  Sometimes he had a bad day and he said everything in front if the patient.  That would make me nervous.  Not good, I would start shaking thinking what else could go wrong.  After the procedure he explained everything to the patient and I had to show them the way out of the office.  While they were leaving I didn't want to look at them.
     Finally I got the protocol down.  He liked the pictures I took.  I earned his trust with my ultrasounds.
Whew!  Decrease in stress.  There was only one person in the office that would actually help me.  I didn't know if she had a department title.  She was great helping me find what I needed when it wasn't in the room, and the doctor was pitching a fit. (like a baby)  Everyone else complained about her work.  She's lazy, doesn't do what her job describes.  I kept my mouth closed.  
     I found out what type of boss this office had.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Who Is The Boss?

     Being at the new place for two weeks, I was finally getting everything in order.  Putting everything where it needed to go in the scan lab so that it would be easy to access.  The doctor and I were also figuring out each others personalities.  I would be on time and he would be late.  Running inside the door, you had to make sure everything was set up perfectly for him when he entered.  If things weren't then the rest of your day would be going downhill.  I learned quick.
     After those two weeks, there was a new face to me in the office.  Come to find out, she was the office manager.  What?  I report to someone that doesn't know anything about ultrasound.  I have to teach her how to order the supplies I need?  She was nice and easy to get along with.  So far things are still looking up.  I made the right choice.  More good news, less stress means less seizures.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


     I didn't know what to expect on the first of my new job.  Was the Dr. told about my epilepsy and me not driving?   I was so nervous all I needed today was to have a seizure in front of him.  First thing that morning the doctor was already doing a procedure.   Was that how busy things were going to be?  Nobody was very helpful.  Let's see, where's the ultrasound machine?  I can at least see what kind the office has and where the buttons are.  I don't even have a schedule to know when my first patient is coming.  I guess I have to find my own way around the office.  Someone is going to have to teach me their protocol for ordering studies and computer codes.
     Finally I break the ice.  I have to find out what the schedule is like.  What my password is and which computer will I be working from.  Come to find out, the office manager is on vacation celebrating her honeymoon.  No wonder everyone is sitting around.  Finally the doctor came in and told me about what the schedule would be like.  He also told me that he knew I would not be driving.  He said that he worked things out with the other office that for now.  I would work with him for the whole day while I was being trained to perform the studies to his protocol.  I stayed with him for the rest of the day watching the procedures he performed.  Some of them I wouldn't.  I would just be assisting him.  I knew that this would not be boring.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Another Opportunity

     Very rare do I look at another company's web site for a job.  Now I am looking.  Getting tired of filing reports and folding laundry.  It was time to move on to another place to work.
     This must of been good luck or God's will.  There was an opening at Wake Forest University Baptist Hospital in ultrasound research!!  RESEARCH!!  What else could I want.  This was a great opportunity. Shoot!!  I'm not driving, what will they think when I tell them about my epilepsy?  There is not any call though, or weekends.  What will it hurt to apply?  There is always, "It never hurts to ask".
     They called me!! The doctor can meet you only after office hours.  Will that work for you?  That is fine with me (I won't have to ask for time off).  I only met the doctors.  I didn't meet the department manager or anyone in the hospital personnel department.
     I found out that I will not only work at the research department, but I will also work at another office just for high risk OB ultrasound.  The other office was a few miles away.  Not driving, how will I get to the other office?  Come to find out while I was waiting for my ride home, the hospital ran a shuttle service to all of the off site offices that were affiliated with the hospital.  Answer from God again to take the job.
     I was planning to tell the manager about my epilepsy.  A few days later, the office manager called me. The call wasn't to schedule an appointment to talk,  but to tell me I HAVE THE JOB!  What's he going to do when I tell him?  I don't have to.    I wanted to tell him about my epilepsy.  Well, I told him.  He couldn't withdraw the offer...
     Research here I come...