Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My "Spells"

     After having 12-14 "spells" (complex partial petit mal seizures) a month, they started to decrease in number.  I wasn't expecting that.  I tried to think of what my doctor and I were doing different.  I was put back on Topamax for my migraines.  I had tried Topamax before for my "spells", but it didn't work. WAIT!!!  The only other difference was having the tubal ligation after my second child!!  I'm not taking birth control anymore!  Was that it?  I started taking birth control when I got married.  A few years later that's when my "spells" started.
     I tried asking around to see if anyone else had that happen to them with birth control pills.  Only a few women said it was probably hormone related.  Hormone related?  I still have cycles and those are hormone related.  I still blame birth control pills.
     Work was still work.  The boss didn't get fired, even though she went against policy showing personal information about a coworker.  The coworker who offered me help when I first arrived, was let go.  Yes, she was FIRED!  I felt sorry for her.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gossiping - I just said "Really" and kept my mouth shut

     Finally, with the help of the co-worker that no one liked, but I got along with. I got everything in order.  I was starting to have a busy schedule.  She would type the patient's name in my machine.  She would then go to another room and do nothing.  That would bother the others. She said that she was studying for a career as an LPN.  I believed her.  They of course didn't.
     Here comes the "Really" expression I had to use when the boss gossiped. I don't know how many times a day I would say that word.  Now let me back up.  You have to get a special password for privileges into certain areas in the hospital's computer programs.  Our boss had that password privilege.  Now you know who was the gossiper.
     Somehow my boss found out that the co-worker made money on the side.  You can probably figure out what she was able to get into.  The boss having clearance certain areas of the internet is awful what she talked about. The boss did not get caught.  She said that's why my co-worker is not doing her work here.  She makes money elsewhere.  In my mind I wanted to say that is none of your business.  You definitely don't need to spread the word, or pictures around. She just wanted her gone and out of there for some reason.
     Our doctor had gotten so busy that he didn't know any of this.  Please Lord, I don't need the stress.  I know you just want me to pray.