Saturday, January 11, 2014

ME !?! WROTE UP ?!?

     After my Keppra epilepsy medicine was increased, I was able to get irritated very easily.  The boss and I didn't have time to communicate.  Only enough time for me to explain what I saw on my scans.  Some afternoons the doctor would be in surgery and the office manager (a nurse) would have to explain to him what I said.  I hated that.  She didn't know that medical terminology.
     The hospital had at 10,000 employees.  All of the employees didn't work at the hospital.  I worked at an outpatient office. Now they wanted me to work at another out patient office on Tuesday. You are probably thinking "how?", since I'm not driving.  Good timing for me.  The hospital started a transportation van going to and from that office.  NICE!
     Now every Tuesday afternoon the scenery would change along with the coworkers.  The schedule changed also.   There was a patient every thirty minutes!! Sometimes that's easy.  It's a different story when patients show up late, the doctor shows up late, or the doctor can be too nice and talk to the patient forever!     One day the medicine took hold of me.  I lost it.  Unfortunately.  I had never been wrote up.  I went into the break room, closed the door, and called the head supervisor.  I didn't say any bad words.  I let him have it though.  Talking about how horrible the schedule was.  It was mentioned before, and nothing was done.  Do SOMETHING!!
  I left the room.  The doctor walked by.  Not only do I get mad, I can shake and cry.  It was going to be a lovely night.  Calm down.  Breathe.  Pray.  How many "spells" am I going to have tonight? Don't even think about that right now.