Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why was I on a stretcher going through the hallway?

Well, after talking to someone and praying I finally decided to start writing about my epilepsy. Staying home from school because I just didn't feel good wasn't normal. If I didn't have a fever then I had to go to school. I was eight years old. All I remember that morning at home was staying in the bed and asking for crackers and something to drink. Next thing, I'm on a stretcher being rushed down a hallway. My grandmother was bending over giving me a kiss while trying to keep up with the others pushing the stretcher. I must have had more than one seizure because after that I woke up in a room with sharp stabs in my lower back.(they were doing spinal taps) A bad situation for them also, because I started fighting the doctors and nurses. My mom stayed with me the whole week that I was there because I didn't want her to leave. She did get to bathe at the hospital. Finally after all of the tests and blood work, the neurologist decided that I had Juvenile Epilepsy. Phenobarbital, a barbiturate, was the medicine that I would take for eight years. This is just the beginning.

Friday, February 21, 2014


     After getting wrote up I did the best I could to get everything done at the other office as soon as I could. That way all the paperwork could be filled out.  Everything already typed in the computer.  Last but not least, old reports ready to view.  Never like the other computer system. She had to do everything different.  I guess that's why they wanted to hire someone to work with her.  The others could refuse and NOT get wrote up!  
     How long will it take me to forget that day?  I hated to be at the office when the office manager came around.  He had no idea what it was like there.  I live in the South and smile at everyone.  Him, he did get a smile.  One that would stare him down, (evil grin ).  That might be why I went home with a pounding headache.  I learned the hard way to stop and be nice.
     The doctor and I started getting a system down where we would leave on time.  I started liking this office better than the morning office.  Now I had to leave the morning office on time and not get overworked by this doctor. Stress and epilepsy do not go well together.  I have never had a "spell", or one of my seizures that would make me drop the probe while doing an important scan.  More stress.  Just don't think about it.