Wednesday, June 25, 2014

     The patient numbers kept increasing.  I just don't like scanning eleven patients in three hours.  I would scan eleven patients in eight hours normally at my old job.  I brought that to the doctor's attention one day.  He almost called me a liar.  First thing he had to do was look at the schedule.  Counted out loud the number of patients.  I think he might have counted it two or three times because he couldn't believe it.
     The next day, SURPRISE, I only had three people to scan.  He came in earlier than me!  The office had two machines so we don't have to wait to do a scan.  He started before me, and put twice as many patients on his schedule.  Why?  I only had three patients.  I would get a patient finished and he would be backed up. Patients would be waiting for him.  I said, "don't you want me to help you catch up?"  Of course his answer was a definite, "NO."
     The waiting room was the only exit I could take when it was time to go to the other office.  I wanted to hide my face when I left because he was so backed up I didn't want anyone see me leave.  I could have done their scan.
     The afternoon office was great.  No problems there.  I told one of the doctors that if they needed another person to fill an opening, I will take it.
     Something else to add to the list of "What else can happen?"... My medicine is making me be