Monday, July 21, 2014


I had to tell everybody in the office about my medicine making me get upset.  Now instead of Mr. Hyde, I would turn into a cry baby.  A CRY BABY.   I never cried about anything.  I didn't even cry in high school when guys would break up with me.
     After I told the doctor about the number of patients we did, he had the nurse or the nurse aid help him with the ultrasound needle guided procedures.  That's why I took the job.  That was my favorite type of procedure.  What happened?  Didn't he want the person he hired to do those?  I counted down the minutes until it was time to leave for the other OB/GYN office.  I asked the lead physician in the office that if there was an opening full time to keep me in mind for it.
     After everyone acting differently towards me for the next few days in the morning office, I went to the office manager.  I told her again about having to get a handle on my medicine's side effects.  Apologizing, on and on, I thought she understood.  The next day it was quiet.  The doctor wasn't there.  I made up my mind that I better talk to the head supervisor. (even though he wrote me up for my first time ever)  I explained things to him.  He said not to worry.
     I finally went home that night feeling like weights had been lifted off my back.  Little did I know that the next day will be like hell!!  As soon as the doctor got there, the somewhat office manager and head supervisor called me into his office.  The doctor FIRED me! What? After I asked the office manager to come to me first, she went straight to the doctor!  OFFICE MANAGER was JUST A TITLE for her.

     I got the paperwork explaining the reason for being fired.  It was a COPY of the same paperwork I signed when I got wrote up!!  LIAR, the head supervisor is a LIAR!  He made a copy of the previous paperwork I signed and changed the date!   OFFICE SUPERVISOR is JUST A TITLE for him