Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I'm on vacation with my family now.  I am going to take a break from my usual story.

     We are at North Myrtle Beach, close to Barefoot Landing.  If anyone knows South Carolina, it can busy during the day and quiet at night.  We like it.  Can you believe even on vacation I can have one of my "spells".  Yea, right a seizure.  Thank goodness it happened right before I turned the light off to go to sleep.
     The House Of Blues is here at Barefoot Landing.  It's a place for dinner and they have well known bands give concerts during the summer.  Every year we come the week before or after someone we like gives a concert.  Well, this year Trapt is going to perform!!  Lucky aren't we?  I want to go.  The ticket prices are not that bad either.
     After I find out about the prices and if seats are still available, my husband bursts my bubble! A LIGHT SHOW!!! A STUPID HEADACHE CAUSING, SEIZURE PROVOKING LIGHT SHOW!!!!  Why??  All I want to hear is the MUSIC!  I'm not impressed with a light show.
     Well.....I can look at it this way, either we saved money or we'll spend it somewhere else.  We are on vacation.