Wednesday, December 10, 2014


     There is only a few things I remember clearly the day of the wreck.  I was given a bottled water, Kristina and Charity were carried safely from the car.  After that I saw my husband pull up, my father-in-law (in his slippers) get out of his car, and our friend was working that day at the fire department.  He ran the call.
     If I remember correctly, Kristina rode in the ambulance, Charity rode with Michael, and I rode with grandpa to the hospital.  Both of the girls went the children's hospital.  I couldn't stop crying .  I had to go to the adult area of the hospital emergency room.
     First thing I had to get x-rays of my neck and ribs.  Since I had worked in the hospital before
and was used to seeing policemen outside of patient's rooms, I automatically thought that the patient was under arrest.  Well, The next big surprise was when I returned to the ER.  A Police Officer was outside my door to my exam room!!
     I had calmed down, because I had to, in the x-ray department.  It's hard to cry while holding your breath for x-rays.  I lost it again when I saw the officer.  I had tears rolling down my cheeks again.  I couldn't stop telling the police man "I didn't know, I didn't know!"
     Michael kept trying to calm me down.  It took a long time before I could tell what I remembered.  Thanks goodness this happened while Michael was with me.  He had to be in three places at once.  The girls being in a different section in the hospital, he was getting exhausted.  Thank goodness grandpa was there to help before the other grandparents got to the hospital.
     I finally got discharged and was able to be with the girls.  Charity was fine.  We thought Kristina was going to be discharged with just a sprain, but after one more test......A FRACTURED ANKLE!!!!  INTO PIECES!!!!  SHE WAS BEING ADMITTED!!!!  Here come the tears again.