Sunday, January 4, 2015


     We were only in the hospital one week.  One week felt like infinity.  Everyone had to make me leave the hospital.  They said  to go get some sleep in your own bed.  I finally gave in.  One night in my own bed, but who would sleep?  Thoughts running through my head and they wouldn't stop.
     Making it back to the hospital, I see a smile on my daughter's face!  A SMILE!  The first time that week I finally felt like God was listening to my prayers.  Everyone from the church would come by and pray.  This time the prayers pushed through the ceiling.
     Learning how to get out of the bed and getting into a wheelchair, Kristina had to get out of the room.  The room started getting smaller and smaller.  The pediatric floor at the hospital had a pool table.  Had a pool table!  I lost to a girl in a wheelchair, with a leg sticking straight out, to a game of pool.  She still laughs about that.
     Finally getting the cast put on her foot and having blood flow going to her toes, we got to go home.  Being discharged takes forever!  It did give us time to load balloons, flowers, cards, stuffed animals, and fruit baskets into the car.  I can't forget the crutches to take home for the future.
     We didn't get home until later in the afternoon.  We had a SURPRISE OF A LIFETIME!!  My husband volunteered at the fire department.  The people that work there get close and don't just rescue strangers. They come to help each other like family members.
     Two fire trucks were out of commission with firemen that were volunteers or off that day.  They had been building a ramp all day.  A ramp to the front door to bypass the steps to the front porch.  Working hard that day, it started to get dark.  All of a there was LIGHT.  Light from fire truck.

I think that there are friends that shine a true light inside.  They do what they can when others are in need.  Do you see those lights?